Castor Oil Packs

Many people wonder why I so frequently suggest castor oil packs to aid them in maintaining vibrant health. They also wonder how can castor oil packs be so good for so many things. To be frank, I just don’t know. I suppose on could wonder how it is the sunshine has so many health benefits, and I’m sure you might find lots of scientific evidence for some of the detailed reasons for this. But these can only satisfy curiosity. No one understands how the sun does what it does. No one really knows why people that get plenty of sun are happier than people who don’t. The same is true of castor oil packs.

One thing I do know about castor oil packs is they can be so helpful for so many things.  Here are just a few:

• Deep relaxation
• The lymphatic system
• The digestive system
• Joint ease, comfort, & flexibility
• Keeping cold sores at bay
• Healing cold sores
• Softening feet
• Keeping callouses away
• Detoxifying the liver
• Gall bladder health
• Uterine and breast health

I have personally used them to repair extremely damaged, arthritic knees and to repair a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder.

I have had clients who have found them helpful for painful menstruation, knee pain, neck pain, anxiety, uterine fibroids, constipation, bowel impaction, inflammation of the appendix, gall bladder troubles, inducing deep meditation, IBS, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

I think it no accident that the plant the castor oil is extracted from is called the Palma Christi (meaning the palms of Christ).  It seems to have a healing effect on just about anything.  Dr. William McGarey, may God rest his soul, wrote some of the most beautiful material about this very unusual and amazing substance on which Edgar Cayce seemed to have an inside track.  If you’re looking to dig deeper into the wonders of castor oil, “The Oil That Heals” by Dr. McGarey is probably the best resource on the subject.

But, if you really want to KNOW the benefits rather than simply read about them, I encourage you to try one for yourself. Click here for instructions.